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Latvian dance group in Brussels

About Us

The Latvian dance group in Brussels was established in the spring of 2008. The idea to bring together all dancers had been in the air for a long time, but the incentive to do so was the invitation of cultural and art festival "Europeade" to participate in the event devoted to the Baltic States.

For the 6th year running, both Latvians and foreigners after a hard and serious working day come dancing. They are very optimistic people and have a great sense of rhythm, intelligence and enthusiasm (in addition to many other good qualities). With this in mind, our teachers are doing everything in their power so that the dancers keep the spirit alive and believe in what can be achieved.

The dance group has found a welcoming home in the building of the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Latvia to the European Union. In addition, we meet regularly with our supporters and spectators at the concerts and events. We have been invited to dance in the events organized by the European Parliament and the European Movement in Belgium. Creative projects have been realized in conjunction with the Latvian choir in Brussels, children's dance group of the Latvian Family Support Center "Lejasstrazdi", with children's vocal ensemble "Dzeguzīte" of Latvian Radio and with the Flemish folk group "Pippezijpe." In the concerts we are dancing Latvian folk dances, staged dances and dances created by our fabulous teachers.

Several staged Latvian dance concerts have been organized together with Latvian theatre, choir and musicians in Brussels:

  • "A Quick Lesson in Love" (2008)
  • "Retro Dances"(2010)
  • "Who has ever Kissed a Latvian Girl" (2010)
  • "Stories of Love during Summer Solstice" (2010)
  • "The most sensitive chord of my heart" (2011)
  • "Far away lives my love" (2011) 
  • "We are like bright flowers " (2012)
  • "Midsummer's dream in England" (2012)
In summer 2013 the group participated in Song and Dance festival in Riga together with 14 000 other dancers.

P.S. Are we just dancing together? No! We are also celebrating together birthdays (Zivs' 18th) and all kinds of special events, e.g., weddings (Ilze + Tomiņš; Aiga + Andrītis; Dača + Žils; Vicītis + Gunča, Dace + Toms) and newborn future dancers (Henrijs, Markuss, Olivers, Lība, Tomass, Elizabete, Gustavs). Together we are visiting the Belgian king and each other, together we are looking forward to more newborns (EVEN NOW!!!). During the solstice we are preparing the cheese and weaving wreaths; during longer evenings together we are painting at Vicītis' place, making paper roses at Dace's, baking pies at Tom's, watching Latvian TV on Ilze's terrace, drinking beer at Andra's, enjoying chocolate cakes baked by Ginta, discussing where shall we meet and what shall we do next time!!!

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